private client studio experience:

You will love the whole studio experience as the studio is a very calm and relaxed experience for you and your dog. Your dogs are allowed time to explore and get used to their new surroundings during which we set the flashes off several times so any unease is soon gone, relaxed dogs and owners are so much easier to work with and we get much better photographs.

We work with very highly trained dogs and we work with completely untrained dogs so you can stop worrying that your dog is too boisterous, too noisy or just won’t sit still. we will achieve stunning results in our studio environment.

This is where Steven’s expert knowledge of dogs and dog behaviour really comes into its own, did you know he has been a professional dog behaviourist for over 12 years and for 25 years in total?

We recently had Max in the studio, a 9 month old German shepherd dog who is a delightful dog yet full of mischief yet we managed to get this image of him which his owner bought as a very large mounted print.

This is Max, a nine month old German shepherd. His owner was very worried that Max would be too much for us to photograph, we surprised everyone with the images we created.

You and your dog are very welcome at our studio and we will create beautiful images you will love.

What does it cost?

An hour of studio time costs £125.00 and you will receive a wonderful experience. Your time includes the years of experience and expertise of Steven, both as a dog photographer and as a dog behaviourist, all of the professional lighting needed to light your dog, all the props to help us create true originality and of course the professional camera and lenses used. That really is great value!

You are welcome to buy further prints at your viewing session which will be a couple of weeks after the shoot. Steven will come to your house with selected images, around 25-35 in a flash drive and his preferred medium for display is a smart TV as this gives you a very good view of the images. You will also receive a full price list prior to the viewing session.

If you are traveling to the studio from a large distance, special arrangements can be made for the viewing session to take place on the same day as the shoot, we can suggest good local places for lunch whilst the images go through post production.

There is no obligation for you to buy additional images. Most people do go on to buy five or six additional fully mounted and signed prints to adorn the walls of their house.

If you are interested then please call so we can discuss what you would like us to capture with you and your dog.