sunrise photoshoot

Early in the morning...

If you are into photography and taking photographs, you will probably have heard go the golden hour, that magical time just before sunrise and just after sunset when the light is at its most captivating and how it is the best time to take photographs.

In the summer, sunrise is very early and it is a real challenge to get up that early but the results are so very worth it because the light is just superb.

A few days ago, I did a sunrise photoshoot with three dogs and the results are just lovely. This coming weekend, I am booked in with the same family to do a sunset photo shoot so we capture the best light at each end of the day and I am very excited at the prospect of completing the double. I have very specific plans for the evening shoot following my experience of the morning session and where I want to shoot the dogs and their owner. The owner also has definite ideas of the images she wants so it will be a pleasure to combine our plans and achieve the best shots.

I will update you after the weekend and post a couple of samples for you to enjoy!