photography on the rain

In the evening

The image above of the Rhodesian Ridgeback was taken in the pouring rain!

The second part of my recent photoshoot with three dogs has yet to happen because the planned evening was thwarted by low cloud and heavy rain which made it impossible to see the setting sun, let alone utilise its magnificent light to light the dogs so we had to postpone.

The weather plays a huge part in photography but it does not usually stop me photographing dogs, even in the rain! Such is the sophistication of high end DSLR cameras now that low light photographs are really good as cameras cope better with higher ISO settings and the subsequent noise. The noise is then less to deal with when editing the image!

Rain can add drama to a photograph with the colour of the sky contrasting with the colour of the dog, or how any light reflects onto the dog. The fur of the dog is more clumped together which makes focussing for the camera even easier, especially in moving captures! It also helps the dog pop off the page when you review or bring the image so there any many benefits to shooting in the rain. The biggest requirement is suitable clothing for you and your camera and as I have waterproof clothing for me and my camera and lens, I can go out and shoot in any conditions, it is only the clients who might not be so keen! The dogs usually love being out in windy and stormy conditions.

It can make photography a challenge but that is when you are most likely to get a shot that is different and will stand out from the crowd. You have to do different things to capture different images so be brave and get out there, you will be amazed at what you can do!