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when a dog loves a woman...

A slight variation from the song title by Michael Bolton but very true in this case as you will see from the photograph. We all have a strong connection and bond with our dogs but some have a depth to that connection that is extraordinary. This is such a story and how I was able to photograph the dog and his owner

I ran a dog photography competition, this is something I do quite frequently and my dog photography competitions always have a prize worth winning so they generate a lot of interest.

I always read carefully the entries and each one gets a personal reply. It can be emotional reading the things people have been through with their dogs and some stories are quite a tough read.

I extend an offer to all entrants to come to the studio for a photography session with their dog and this owner took me up on it.

I won’t divulge details of her story but she has been through some very tough times and she is convinced her dog played a huge part in getting her through into a much better place.

When I photograph dogs and their owners, I am not just looking for nicely posed shots. These are always nice to have and lovely to show the owners after their studio session but I really like to capture images that truly capture the deep connection.

The photograph is a crop of the original as the owner and the dog are gazing at each other and I don’t reveal owners faces unless I have their permission.

This image is a very powerful one for me, look at the dogs foot and claws, he is holding on to her, something he has done a lot of during their life together.

dog and owner Hi 5-1497.jpg

The connection is so obvious, this is what I look for in my dog photography. I don’t have to see the dog or the owners face, the connection is there to see, in the studio you could feel the charge of love as they connected and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, a truly magical moment I was delighted to record.

I showed the owner the photographs today and she had to choose from 30. This was one she didn’t select today, the photographs she did select were of her and her dog and the photographs she chose are stunning.

To help her make a choice, I explained which were my favourites and why and this helped make her choice. These images will be transformed into stunning canvas and fine art prints that will be beautiful.