dog jumping into water

What to do on a wet Monday?

What to do on a wet Monday?

Look at photographs of dogs in the rain! I just love dogs attitude to rain, most of them just do not care, some are not quite as sure but I love being out in the rain with my dogs and quite strangely I love working out in the rain photographing dogs.

All it needs is the right clothing so we are warm and dry, make sure the dog is having a great time and we are all set!

Many dogs enjoy getting wet, this image is a great example of that…

Spaniel jumping into water

Now you might say this is not fair because this was taken in a sunny day so the dogs owner and I were still in the warm sun and the dog is choosing to jump in the water to get the ball and you would be right, the dog is happy and content to get wet to get the ball.

This dog would probably also do that in the pouring rain and the adverse weather would make for a very different looking shot that would have been atmospheric and moody, a very different look to the bright sparkle we see in the splash!

So even though it is a wet Monday, think of splashing through a country lane with your dog and your dog is having a great time and you are loving watching your dog have a great time.

You both know there is a warm and dry house waiting for you where you can dry off and that should mean you can really let go and enjoy the rain.

It can be very quiet when it is raining and time for reflection and though can allow us to realise we are ok, we are able to deal with life and we are loved and wanted, especially by our dog. Walking with your dog is the rain can be a great experience, having you and your dog photographed together having fun in the rain will be a very different and still a great experience that will produce some amazing images that will remind you of the time you and your dog were out in the rain having a great time together and this will make you smile.

Smiling is always a good thing, happy times and happy memories make us smile for years after the actual event has gone, that’s why I love creating images for you.