dog grooming

Making dogs look beautiful

As a professional dog photographer, I specialise in making dogs look beautiful so it made sense when Leicester Dog Grooming asked me to take photographs of dogs they are also making look beautiful so they can share the images on their social media channels and on their web site.

We went across to Billesdon and set up a nice and simple two light approach as you can see.


It is always interesting to show you the set up and the location so you can see the challenges we face sometimes on a location shoot. A groomers is a busy place and can be noisy which adds to the challenge of getting a nice expression from the dog. This is one of the shots that we took…

Dog owners want their dogs to look beautiful and they want the groomer to make sure that happens and this makes it easier for the photographer to make a beautiful image when the dog looks her best.

The environment and setting is a challenge but it is something over which we have no control, all we can control is the lighting which was on low power and very close to the dog so we get a lovely soft and warm light which perfectly compliments the colours in the dogs freshly groomed coat.

These are just two of he images we took on the day and show different dogs but looking beautiful, fresh from the groomers table, looking and smelling wonderful.

Look out for the images on social media and their web site.