Zoe, Yorkshire Terrier

Zoe is a 12 year old Yorkshire terrier who was proving difficult to get a decent photograph of as she is so busy and active, despite being 12 years old! It is always difficult for owners to get good photographs of their own dogs because their dog knows then too well and will not deliver any good poses!

Not knowing the dog has an advantage because I can position myself in just the right place to capture the dog as she comes looking for her owner or is off exploring and having a wonderful time and Zoe clearly did that!

We went to Bradgate park which is near where I live in Leicestershire, UK as this is a truly wonderful place with absolutely amazing scenery which makes the perfect back drop for taking breathtaking photographs of dogs.

Zoe's owner was visibly moved by the images he saw and he deemed the impossible had been achieved as I had managed to capture some lovely images of his beloved Zoe that he will treasure!

I have a surprise for him as well but I won't spill the beans on here as he will read this so I want to build the suspense even more because I know he will just adore the gift.

Dogs, whatever their size or breed can be difficult to photograph but with my knowledge and experience of dogs and photography, those dreams can be achieved!

Getting low!

To get a great shot of a dog you have to get into their world. If you are in a standing position then you are going to take a lot of photographs of dogs backs and the tops of their heads. The only shots of interest will be when the dog is looking up at you. 

Similarly, if the dog is moving parallel to you you will get an image of the dog going somewhere, there isn't really any involvement or connection with the viewer but it can still make a nice frame!

The best shots involve the eyes and have the dog looking at you, ideally right down the lens so you get real engagement with the action! A dog running towards you is a difficult capture but is well worth the time and patience required.

The dog in this image is in full flight, as you can see by all four feet being off the ground and she is clearly loving a good run around. Because the perspective is low, we feel we are in the image with her, even running around with her or waiting for her to catch us up for a lovely cuddle!

If I was standing up when I took this shot, it would have none of the above and would just be a snap.

In the evening

The image above of the Rhodesian Ridgeback was taken in the pouring rain!

The second part of my recent photoshoot with three dogs has yet to happen because the planned evening was thwarted by low cloud and heavy rain which made it impossible to see the setting sun, let alone utilise its magnificent light to light the dogs so we had to postpone.

The weather plays a huge part in photography but it does not usually stop me photographing dogs, even in the rain! Such is the sophistication of high end DSLR cameras now that low light photographs are really good as cameras cope better with higher ISO settings and the subsequent noise. The noise is then less to deal with when editing the image!

Rain can add drama to a photograph with the colour of the sky contrasting with the colour of the dog, or how any light reflects onto the dog. The fur of the dog is more clumped together which makes focussing for the camera even easier, especially in moving captures! It also helps the dog pop off the page when you review or bring the image so there any many benefits to shooting in the rain. The biggest requirement is suitable clothing for you and your camera and as I have waterproof clothing for me and my camera and lens, I can go out and shoot in any conditions, it is only the clients who might not be so keen! The dogs usually love being out in windy and stormy conditions.

It can make photography a challenge but that is when you are most likely to get a shot that is different and will stand out from the crowd. You have to do different things to capture different images so be brave and get out there, you will be amazed at what you can do!

Early in the morning...

If you are into photography and taking photographs, you will probably have heard go the golden hour, that magical time just before sunrise and just after sunset when the light is at its most captivating and how it is the best time to take photographs.

In the summer, sunrise is very early and it is a real challenge to get up that early but the results are so very worth it because the light is just superb.

A few days ago, I did a sunrise photoshoot with three dogs and the results are just lovely. This coming weekend, I am booked in with the same family to do a sunset photo shoot so we capture the best light at each end of the day and I am very excited at the prospect of completing the double. I have very specific plans for the evening shoot following my experience of the morning session and where I want to shoot the dogs and their owner. The owner also has definite ideas of the images she wants so it will be a pleasure to combine our plans and achieve the best shots.

I will update you after the weekend and post a couple of samples for you to enjoy!


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