Spending time with your dog.

Photographing on location can be a huge amount of fun as clients take their dogs into many different places and this gives us the opportunity to capture moments that matter, the time you and your dog were together doing the things you both enjoy, like waiting for Dad to come back from the bar, hoping for a pack of pork scratchings or a cheese and onion cob! There is something about a cheese and onion cob in a pub that just feels right! Or is that just me?

Where do you take your dog, where is your go to place that you always head for when you have the time?

My dogs are happy anywhere we are but they do love the open country, they love going to Bradgate Park, they love going to Beacon Hill, Leicestershire and one of their favourites is Rutland Water.

How many photographs do you have of you and your dog, or the whole family with your dog at your favourite place?

We all love adventures and great days out, we love taking our dog or if we have more than one, our dogs with us yet how often do we take the time to record these amazing moments?

I do because my camera goes everywhere with me because I know wherever we go, whatever we do as a family with our dogs, we will never be in that moment again. Each photograph I take is unique because the moment I capture is unique. Our kids will never be that age again, we won't be in that location again at the same time of day or year and our dogs won't be the same as they were in that moment, doing what they were doing.

We all love to make memories, I love to capture them to help you remember them better.