Helping dogs show off

Photographing dogs, for either private or commercial use is a wonderful experience yet are entirely different in their requirements.

For the dogs owner, they are looking for images that capture the character of their dog and they already know what that character is and they are going to like most of the images you take, because the images are of their dog, they know and love their dog where as in a commercial shoot, the client does not know the dog and is looking for an image that will create engagement with the audience, create the correct association with the product or brand.

But there is an overlap as the audience will want to engage with the image from a pet dog perspective so it is important to have a relaxed dog that is able to communicate their character, as with the dog owner it is the expression of character that will communicate to the audience.

Enough of the psychology, this was such a fun shoot to do as the dog models were really having fun.

The dog and the bag is on a table which is covered in a rug so it looks more like home and the background in a natural colour that complements the dog and the product with a lovely warm feel.

Labradors love food, most dog models love food so they soon learn that working in the studio is well rewarded which makes for a happy team!

Leo the Labrador with his favourite food Wainwrights.