Leo and his favourite food

Our client asked for a shot to promote Wainwrights dog food so from our list of dog actors and dog models we knew Leo was fed Wainwrights and loved it so he was the perfect choice for the shoot.

Leo is very much at home in the studio and loves being in front of the camera and he loves having treats for being very well behaved.

With his favourite variety, Turkey and Rice, Leo was happy to pose and show us just how much he likes his food.

I think the colours of Leo and the bag complement each other and give the whole image a lovely warm feeling that makes us think of feeding our own dogs at home in the warm. That is a really comforting association to create with an image.

Our dog actors and dog models are very well trained and used to working in our studio but like all professionals we have to make sure they have regular breaks for food and water, plus the obvious need for a comfort break. This helps keep our dogs fresh and willing to work, even for a long and technical shoot. The advantage of our lead photographer also being a professional dog behaviourist means he is always watching the dogs to see how they are working and if they are communicating they need a break.

Our dog models and actors are used to working but they can only concentrate for a limited amount of time so our studio also becomes a play area between the shots so our dogs have a well earned break. If we are shooting with more than one dog, the others will be in the studio relaxing and probably asleep waiting their turn. We have a great balance of work, rest and play.

Commercial dog photography means including dogs in your advertising and marketing materials to enhance your audience engagement, perception and association of your service, product or brand. We have the studio, the professional lighting, the professional Canon cameras and lenses, the best dog actors and models to give you the best quality images and the best possible service. Please get in touch to have a chat about how we could help you and your company.

Leo the Labrador with his favourite food Wainwrights.