Looking for a reason...

What do you mean looking for the reason? It is a strange statement to put out there!

I’ll explain my thought process. It started with a throw away comment by a client the other day. The comment was something like “its easy these days photography as every photo you take costs you nothing because you can just delete the ones you don’t want”

There is a degree of truth is this statement but digital photography is far from free. You have to buy the camera, the lens, the batteries, the memory card and then you have to learn how to use all of those things to create the image you want. Certainly there are no development of film costs but there is the software to process your images and the computer on which you run the software to process the images so things are far from free.

So this should then have a bearing on your thought process and this brings me to the title of this blog, looking for the reason.

Looking for the reason to press the shutter button. Why should I take the shot? What is the point of the image I am about to take?

Will it captivate and hold the attention of the viewer or will they just give it a cursory glance and think that’s nice?

Whatever subject is in front of you, you need to look for the reason to take the photograph.

When I am photographing dogs, I am always aware of every other dog photograph have seen and I am thinking to myself,”is what I am about to take different and telling a story?”

If I can’t answer that question, I don’t press the shutter. Sure, I take photographs I later delete, although that usually happens when I start to view them for processing and decide if I really like them or not.

Only the images I really like will be shown to my client, although I do also include some I am personally not keen on as these are sometimes just what connects with the client.

There has to be a connection with the image which means there has to be a reason to take it and I am always looking for the reason.