Large prints are the only way!

I wanted to share this with you. Last night I delivered a clients prints. Well that doesn't sound interesting at all. Start again.

When I did the shoot for this client to combine the celebration of a very special birthday with the advancing years of their dog the Airedale terrier, who has been a huge pat of their lives and marriage, my clients absolutely loved the images they could see on the back of the camera. Our photography session was lovely, we had great conditions and beautiful light so we were able to create truly beautiful images.

Forward to the reveal session where I present about 30 - 40 images for the client to choose from and we viewed these on a nice big TV so the images really presented well. I said to my client what I say to all of my clients, if you think they look good on screen, wait until you see the difference when the images are printed onto the very best fine art paper and presented as a finished product, you will be amazed.

Last night I walked into their house with around 15 prints of different sizes and I was concealing the images.

The first image I revealed was a large, and I mean large print of the whole family with the dogs. 

The reaction was overwhelming, we definitely achieved the WOW factor which then continued through the revealing of all of the other prints.

The family did order digital copies for their social media platforms but nothing had prepared them for the quality of the images when printed to our very high standards.

If you value an image, it must be printed professionally and properly. It is about how the image is set up to print as much as it is about the actual printer used. These images will look as good and as fresh in 70 years time as they do today if kept out of sunlight and strong humidity. 

If you would like to experience my extraordinary process and experience the genuine WOW factor when you see you and your dog in a truly beautiful professionally produced print, I would love to talk to you.

To my clients, thank you for booking me, I loved the opportunity to create magic for you.