What is the point of a digital image for you?

What do you do with a digital copy of a photograph?

Do you remember the days of film cameras where you had to develop your photographs and store them in an album that you could pick up and look at the images whenever you wanted to?

You might put nice ones in a frame and display then in a prominent place in your home for you, your family and visitors to see when they came to your home.

The world has changed since then and it is so easy now to share your photographs and display them to the whole world. This is great because so many people can see what you have done, this is also a great way of marketing for photographers to show their work and to engage with their audience but it has a huge downside, especially on social media.

Once you post an image on social media, it is very soon overtaken by the next image and soon the images are consigned to history, albeit digital history but they are no longer current or fresh in your mind, they get forgotten.

You can use digital photo frames that will display an image or a series of images but these are also often taken for granted, rarely updated and once the batteries run out or the plug is use for something else, they are also consigned to history, yesterdays news!

Digital equals disposable which must mean we value it less because we are happy to consign the image or images to history.

What do we do with the images we truly value? We print them, frame them and hang them in a prominent place so we can see the image every time we are close to it, the memory stays with us because we value it.

On my computer I have thousands images of my family and my pets. How often do I look at them? Rarely.

On my wall I have one very large print of a photograph I took of my family. I look at the print every time I am in the room and those warm memories are refreshed and rekindled of the moment I took it.

An image has meaning when it is printed. A great deal of thought, time, expertise and energy goes into capturing images in photographs, years of learning my trade to produce an image for you that will make you say WOW!

That image will retain its WOW factor for ever when it is printed, framed and hung on your wall. That memory will never fade because you are reminded of it every day.

Is it worth paying to have a print that will last a lifetime? For me, certainly but I can't answer that question for you. Only you can answer for yourself.

If you would like me to capture images for you that will make you say WOW and you would like them printed on very high quality fine art paper using a printing process with fine inks that will stay fresh for over 70 years, I would love to have a conversation with you.

It is about making moments, capturing them in a fine art print you will love to look at every day.