Dog Photography Workshop 8th April 2018

It is such a pleasure to help other photographers by sharing knowledge and experience with them so they can learn to take better photographs of dogs, in this case my adorable German shepherds who are the most obliging models you could wish for!

When a workshop guest shows you images and confesses they are all taken in automatic mode and they are not in focus or the background is in focus and the subject isn't, there are clearly too many decisions being made by the camera.

When asked about her amber, my guest didn't have much of an idea about how her camera worked. If you don't know how your camera works, how can you use it to get the photographs you want?

The first thing I addressed with the group was focus point selection and what your camera is set to. Many were set to use all available focus points which is giving the camera far to much freedom and far too much to do. You need to tell your camera where you want it to focus so a single focus point is the best place to start.

We then looked at moving the focus point around the frame so you can position the focus point to suit your composition and help you get the shot you want. These two things made such a difference!

Next we looked at how changing your white balance affects the tome of the photograph and how a cold picture taken in daylight can be much warmer and pleasing when taken in shade or cloudy setting.

Then we discussed depth of field and f stops and relative distance and how these affect your composition and photograph. This is a big subject and took a very good discussion before it started to sink in and then we saw the photographs improve!

Then we put the cameras into full manual mode and with the dogs quiet and lying down practiced what we had learned. There is a lot to think about when shooting in manual mode but with practice the decisions you make are made quicker and your familiarity with the controls on your camera is better so you are able to make rapid adjustments and get the shot you want.

Then it was just down to practice and lots of it. You don't need fancy cameras and lenses to take good photographs, you need good composition skills, the equipment will do the job with you, but you do have to now how to work it properly.

I have published the date for my next workshop, if you would like to spend the day with me you will learn a great deal and have a thoroughly enjoyable day! To book on my next workshop please click here.