Into the studio...

Never work with children and animals is an often heard piece of advice, what about putting a dog in a photography studio that has never seen one before?

What of the dogs in question are lively, inquisitive and not very well trained?

What do you do if a dog won’t sit when told to, how can you get a photograph in the right place for your carefully set up lighting?

You can’t! This is where the true skill of a dog photographer who is also a dog behaviourist really comes into its own. By carefully instructing the dogs owner what to do, I can get a degree of predictability with the dog and this helps me get the shot I want.

The biggest skill is patience and being ready. Being able to read the dogs body language is really useful as well as carefully controlling your engagement with the dog. You are either the dogs friend or you are the photographer. If you want to capture the dogs character, being detached from your subject whilst you subject them to your intense scrutiny will pay off.

This is an example of what you can achieve with the right knowledge of both dog photography and dog behaviour.

You can view more examples of my studio work by visiting the studio section of my web site.

To book an hour in my studio with you and your dog so we can create superb images whilst having a lot of fun please call 01530 242209 or fill in our contact form.

A beautiful spaniel in my studio