Reflecting on October....

October has nearly gone already, the clocks have gone back and autumn is here and I love this time of year.

Still missing Theo, there is still a huge hole in our lives and the house is much quieter but we are getting on with the things we have to get on with. Our other two dogs are adjusting and settling in to the new normal and seem to be ok.

Theo going had a big affect on me and the whole family and now almost two months later I feel ready to get back to work.

Work never stopped, I am lucky to be busy but the focus and drive certainly dipped considerably as we all coped with loss and grief.

Mental health is very much in the public domain now and so it should be as this helps people realise it is ok to feel low and not to be coping as long as you talk about it and get the help you need.

I got to talk about my loss, not only to my family but to many of my clients who would ask about him and many of them had similar experiences to share and even though they had lost dogs years ago, the emotion was still raw when allowed to come to the surface.

Every experience helps us grow and develop and this is no exception.

I can now face the winter feeling better, more settled and ready tp get out there again and meet the world head on with a smile on my face.

This is because I gave myself time to grieve, time to mourn and time to feel rubbish. I gave myself time to allow the healing process to start, it never really ends either!

I look at dogs now a little differently, with a wiser and deeper understanding and even more love and affection with even more appreciation of everything they do for us and just how much they give us, asking so little in return.

Don’t take them for granted, they are with us for such a short time so cherish them and photograph them whatever they are doing wherever they are, capture memories.

If you want photographs of you and your dog together beyond the selfie then get in touch. Whether in the studio, at your house or on your favourite walk, lets capture those moments you have together for they are truly special.

This is Theo, my very special boy.