What does it all mean?

This is a great question because photographs and photography, especially dog photography mean different things to different people and at different times in their lives.

The recent loss of one of my dogs Theodore, sadly very suddenly due to very advanced cancer, really brought home to me why photographing my dogs with my family is so important.

Of course, we take photographs on holiday or of special events and these are very special and create magical memories but what about the more mundane, the more routine things?

I have always taken photographs of my dogs when I take them for a walk for no greater reason than we are spending time together, that time is very special and precious as there are so many demands on our time, all the time!

Making time is difficult so taking photographs of us and our family doing the more ordinary things becomes just as important as the big events.

The same should apply to our dogs, take photographs of them simply because they are there, they are with you and you love them.

We have unique moments every day of our lives yet we don’t always recognise them as unique because they are everyday so we take them for granted.

Our dogs are unique as is our relationship with them and these relationships can be just as deep and meaningful as our relationships with our human family, somethings even deeper and stronger so it is something we should cherish and take the time to capture and record because our loved ones won’t be here forever.

I take photographs of my dogs because I love them and I love to photograph them when they are happy and they are happiest with me and my family just being together.

Memories are moments in time and a photograph allows us to travel back in time where we can relive the moment, the emotions, the feelings and where we were and who we were with.

Very powerful and very important as each dog we have and love becomes part of us and part of our history and heritage as a person and family.

You will want to look back in the years ahead at the times you were happy and with those you love, your dogs should be included in those photographs to keep those special memories fresh and alive for as long as you are.