Dog photography workshop

I have just completed my second dog photography workshop which I have thoroughly enjoyed delivering.

I have learned a great deal from other people by attending their workshops and I knowhow much I have learned over the past few years as I have ramped up my learning.

To be able to help people learn and improve is a great feeling and to see people come away from one of my dog photography workshops having learned a great deal but most importantly having enjoyed the experience, that is wonderful!

Photography is a wonderful thing, it gives us so much pleasure and to be photographing dogs with whom we have such an amazing connection is just delightful.

To capture their mood, character, spirit and life force makes for magical photographs and memories.

The first thing you need to have is a clear idea of what you want to capture. Your camera and lens are important but not as important as your vision. Have a photograph in mind and then we can teach you how to go about capturing it. You will need to understand dog behaviour. I can help with that because I am a dog behaviourist and that really helps me het great photographs because I have a good idea of what the dog will do and when so I can be ready for the shot.

Certainly knowing your camera and settings is very important so your equipment is ready but if you are not in the right place with the right light at the right time then your chance of getting the shot you want is less.

Dogs love attention and using this to your advantage can help you get the shot you want. It can be very difficult when working with dogs to control your attention but if you fuss your subject every time they come t you, you are making it difficult for your self as the dog will stay too close to you to be photographed!

That is such a simple thing and something we would naturally do but you want your subject to pose and perform so you can take great photographs so really you want your subject to behave as if you are not there. Quite a different thought process, especially given that we love dogs and that is a big reason why we do what we do!

Understand your subject and understand you your attention can affect that subject and your chance of getting great photographs of dogs will significantly increase. If you would like to join me on one of my dog photography workshops, please get in touch and I will add you to the waiting list.