Border Collie

Few breeds of dog have it, few breeds of dog are bred for it which is why the Border Collie is such an iconic breed. 

Bred for a very specific and very demanding purpose, the Border Collie is a very popular breed of dog that can bring immense joy to their humans but they can be a challenging dog because they are bred for a very specific purpose, herding and containing livestock.

Intensity has to be a key trait in a working Border Collie and intense powers of concentration are required to move the livestock  so if you are photographing an active Border Collie pet dog, I believe it is important to capture the heritage of the dog as a reminder that, even though the dog lives in a house with people, they are still a working breed looking for something to herd or contain and they will still have the intensity!

When you are photographing anything living, the eyes are the most important part of the image, this is especially important with dogs because we have such a powerful connection with dogs, we live with them, we accept them as part of ur family and we absolutely adore them!

We spend a lot of time gazing into their eyes as we tell them about our day, our lives and the stresses and strains in it, they are amazing listeners and we treasure their company and counsel.

The dog in the photograph is not looking straight at me or the camera, the dog only has eyes for one person, so this shot actually demonstrates the power and strength of the connection between dog and human, me and my camera re not important, we are not even a distraction as only one person matters and that person occupies the whole of the dogs attention, focus and patience!

The eyes tell the story and the eyes are beautiful. The eyes are the window to the soul and the eyes are how the dog best expresses their love for you, the eyes can truly melt your heart. The eyes have it!