Dog Portrait

Many people associate a portrait photograph of their dog with a studio setting and this can be true and can create a beautiful photograph of your dog.

Portraits and close up photographs of your dog in an outside setting can be just as effective, if not sometimes more so!

Have a look at the photograph at the start of this dog photography blog. It is a portrait and a close up of a dog and it is a very powerful photograph because the expression of the dog is quite intense!

His ears are up and alert, his mouth is closed indicating he is intently focussed on something and his eyes are wide open so he is clearly about to do something!

When you are close up to a dog, you are not leaving anything to chance as your subject is going to fill the frame so deciding what you want the photograph to convey is very important. In this photograph, I want the intensity of the German shepherd as this will cause very different reactions, those who know and love the breed with relish the power yet those who don't will probably feel a little uneasy and nervous!

The power of the close up photograph can be used to great effect as the eyes are the true focus point and how we as photographers choose to show the eyes of the dog can create very moving images and I will discuss this with you in further dog photography blogs.

How close to zoom in? The second most expressive part of the dog is the ears so these should also be either completely in the shot or the photograph should be of the eyes only other wise it can be difficult to interpret the dogs expression and behaviour which can make the photograph lose the impact for the viewer!

Photographing dogs is such a fascinating subject, it is endlessly challenging and rewarding because your subject is alive, loves being with you and wants to make you happy! The perfect subject in my humble opinion and my job as a professional dog photographer is to make you very happy by providing you with stunning photographs of you and your dog. Please get in touch if you would like to start your adventure with me!