Fun on the beach

What better place to photograph your dog than having fun on the beach!

There are many places we love being with our dogs but not many compare to the sheer exhilaration and fun of the beach! The sea with the breaking waves, your dog loving the wind in their fur and a good run around, what could be better?

Memories are made, fun is had but how often do we capture these moments so we can remember them in full colour anytime we want to? Our dogs just love to have adventures with us and these memories deserve to be recorded forever!

In this image, the joy on the dogs face is so clear to see and there is no better sight for the owner than a happy dog. This is just one of the many images from this shoot and the really special photographs are those of the owner and dog together! Many people take photographs of their dog, many people take photographs of them with their dog but even these images do not properly capture the tender moments when the connection you have is displayed, only a professional can really get that right!

Our dogs are so special, we are all busy people so the time we have with our dogs is even more precious, I know I treasure the time I can be with my own dogs, I have four German shepherds whom I absolutely adore and I love taking their photographs whenever I am out with them. I only have about 15,000 images of them doing what we enjoy, being out on adventures together, spending time together doing things we love, exploring new places. 

It is a great privilege to work with dogs owners and their dogs and it is something I absolutely love doing because every relationship is a very special one and every dog means something very special to their owner. To understand the dogs story and to capture that in a photograph is a very special thing which is why you will never get a snapshot from me. You will get a story, your history with your dog, your connection with your dog. I have to get to know you and your story to create the right photograph and composition so I tell your story, your own unique and personal reason you and your dog love each other so much.

To arrange a meeting over coffee, preferably with your dog so we can get to know each other before we decide to work together, please ring me for a chat or fill in the contact form and I will ring you for a chat. Thank you.