Location shooting

Every photographer has a preferred way of working and their own style. Much photographic work is studio based where everything is under control, the subject, the lights, the setting, the props and the time. The weather does not even enter the equation because inside a studio is warm, dry and well lit. Whilst I am happy working in a studio, I have a portable set up, I am much happier out in the fields and woods where dogs are behaving more naturally and having fun just being themselves.

Our dogs have real character, it makes them unique and is the reason we love them so much and I love to capture their character where they are happiest and that is usually out on a walk with you. It is also usually regardless of weather, most dogs don't care if its dull, cloudy, cold or raining they still manage to have a good time. Some of my favourite images are of dogs out in the rain, they still have a great time! I have just as much fun photographing dogs in the rain and cold, I just wrap me and my camera up and out we go!!

Which brings me onto this shot of Digby. It wasn't raining but it was very dull and cloudy on the walk but it didn't put Digby off nor did it put me off. Not too many people enjoy lying down in a very wet field on a cold, dull day but I do because I am doing something I absolutely love, I am photographing dogs having a great time. Fun is infectious, if the dog is having fun, how can you not be? You have to love what you do!

Digby is having a breather and just paused and I managed to capture this image as he looks around to see what he should investigate next. Sure enough, just after I took this shot, he was off again looking for mischief. He has an adorable character which made him great fun for work with!

Digby catching his breath after a great run in the field!

Digby catching his breath after a great run in the field!