Zoe, Yorkshire Terrier

Zoe is a 12 year old Yorkshire terrier who was proving difficult to get a decent photograph of as she is so busy and active, despite being 12 years old! It is always difficult for owners to get good photographs of their own dogs because their dog knows then too well and will not deliver any good poses!

Not knowing the dog has an advantage because I can position myself in just the right place to capture the dog as she comes looking for her owner or is off exploring and having a wonderful time and Zoe clearly did that!

We went to Bradgate park which is near where I live in Leicestershire, UK as this is a truly wonderful place with absolutely amazing scenery which makes the perfect back drop for taking breathtaking photographs of dogs.

Zoe's owner was visibly moved by the images he saw and he deemed the impossible had been achieved as I had managed to capture some lovely images of his beloved Zoe that he will treasure!

I have a surprise for him as well but I won't spill the beans on here as he will read this so I want to build the suspense even more because I know he will just adore the gift.

Dogs, whatever their size or breed can be difficult to photograph but with my knowledge and experience of dogs and photography, those dreams can be achieved!