Getting low!

To get a great shot of a dog you have to get into their world. If you are in a standing position then you are going to take a lot of photographs of dogs backs and the tops of their heads. The only shots of interest will be when the dog is looking up at you. 

Similarly, if the dog is moving parallel to you you will get an image of the dog going somewhere, there isn't really any involvement or connection with the viewer but it can still make a nice frame!

The best shots involve the eyes and have the dog looking at you, ideally right down the lens so you get real engagement with the action! A dog running towards you is a difficult capture but is well worth the time and patience required.

The dog in this image is in full flight, as you can see by all four feet being off the ground and she is clearly loving a good run around. Because the perspective is low, we feel we are in the image with her, even running around with her or waiting for her to catch us up for a lovely cuddle!

If I was standing up when I took this shot, it would have none of the above and would just be a snap.