Theodore german shepherd

i have four German shepherd dogs and they are probably the most photographed dogs around. i take them everywhere with me and as I always have my camera with me, sometimes to the annoyance of my wife, i am always well placed to get a good photograph.

the dog is this photograph is Theodore, he is my wife dog hence the name! a bit to soft and cuddly for my taste and it is challenge when praising him in public to use his full name!

out of the many thousands of images i have of my dogs it is very difficult to pick a favourite so i am blogging about this one as a friend who used him to breed with her dog asked for a picture.

german shepherds are very handsome dogs but theo's colour makes him quite tricky to photograph because he has a dark face and a dark face can confuse the camera as it struggles to balance the light and dark. underexposure is helpful as this will lighten the face but there is the risk of over exposing the background, especially if the day is well lit with sunshine.

post processing can also help but in reality it is best to use a small amount of under exposure to let more light in whilst making sure the back ground is quite a dark colour, green vegetation works well as it is also a nice consistent colour.

as ever, it comes down to thinking about what you are going to photograph, where and what is your subject and background. I'm sure there is a word for all that, oh yes, composition!

If you take the time to ensure your composition is good, you photograph will be engaging and attractive to people as they will want to explore the frame with their eyes.