about the dogs photographer, Steven Havers

 Steven Havers with Theodore and Gerry, two of his four German shepherd dogs. Photograph by Bill Walsh Photography.

Steven Havers with Theodore and Gerry, two of his four German shepherd dogs. Photograph by Bill Walsh Photography.


My name is Steven Havers and dogs are my life, my love and my passion literally! Please read on and you will learn more about me and how I work.

my dog photography started when...

I bought my first camera and started taking photographs of my first dog, an English Setter some 30 years ago and fell in love with capturing very special moments of their lives. I really treasure the photographs I took of my dog, especially 30 years on! 

I have two of the best ways of life in the world, I don't use the word job because my work with dogs is as far from a job as you can get, as I have been working as a dog behaviour specialist for over 25 years and during that time I have developed a deep understanding of how dogs respond and behave with their owners.

This knowledge helps me capture beautiful images which reflect best the character and nature of your dog or dogs. Please find the time to visit my dog behaviour web site for more information. It is well worth a good read!

The other best way of life I have is photographing dogs and their owners which I have been doing for slightly less time than I have been a behaviourist and the two complement each other perfectly.

My extensive knowledge of dogs and their owners enable me to be in the right place, at the right time to capture the moment! It takes time, patience and experience to craft the perfect photograph of your dog. It is hugely important every effort is made to craft the best photograph of your dog possible because you will treasure the photograph and the memory of your dog for the rest of your life!

In order to take the photographs of your dog you will love, we need to get to know each other so we can discuss and plan how we achieve the photographs you want and the best way is an initial chat, either on the phone or preferably over a coffee, my treat! I am happy to work wherever you and your dog are and I love working outdoors, often in all weathers and at any time of day because that gifts us the best conditions for photography so I can craft the best images possible.

The best conditions are not waiting for us to show up, we have to be ready when the conditions are right!  My best work is in an environment where you and your dog is most happiest and comfortable such as a favourite walking route or location that your dog associates with play.

My work offers flexibility in my photography and packages are tailored to suit you. I work very hard to create the best photographs and so you can fully enjoy the results, your amazing works of art are created using top quality fine art materials resulting in images of "giclée" quality which means your works of art will look as good as new in 70 years in normal room conditions. 

My aim is to offer a top quality product with the highest levels of service using the skills and knowledge acquired over many years of working with dogs to give you the best experience possible

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you to capture the special character of your dog or dogs please contact me for an informal chat, if you are local we can meet for a coffee, all with no obligation. All good things start with good conversation!

Havers Dog Photography is based in Markfield, Leicestershire and travel wherever you need me to be.