2019 workshop for dog photographers.

 Just for you, my fellow photographers who love to photograph dogs I am running one workshop in 2019 and that is on Sunday 19th May starting at 8am with coffee and a bacon roll before we head out on location with the dogs.

The workshop will cover the following which is by no means a complete and exhaustive list but a guide to the day:

  1. Understanding your camera. Prior to the workshop you will be asked to fill in an information form which will ask you questions on your understanding of your camera and we will make sure this improves during the day.

  2. Understanding your lens. This might sound a bit odd but your lens has its restrictions, its preferred working range and its often pre determined aperture settings which can be restrictive. It is very important you understand what your lens can and can’t do.

  3. Understanding the light. Photographing moving objects in natural light is a challenge and your camera will need adjusting depending on the light. It is very important you understand this and how to compensate for changing light in your camera.

  4. The relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO. These, often called the exposure triangle are essential to correct settings, correct exposure and elements of creativity.

  5. Shooting modes. We will not be using auto mode. You might start the day in auto mode, we will finish the day in a different mode as you learn more about taking control of your camera. We will be looking at and understanding shutter priority, aperture priority and full manual mode, the pros, the cons and the differences.

  6. Photographing moving dogs. This is putting into practice all we have learned about the previous subjects and making decisions about the shot we want as we are in the process of shooting. If we have an idea in our mind, we understand our camera and our lens, we have the right settings for the shot and for the light and we have our camera set to match our idea, all we have to do is press the shutter isn’t it? Well yes but that is a great deal to do and we will have plenty of time to practice.

You are welcome to bring your own dogs to photograph provided they are well behaved on and off the lead, well behaved around other dogs and they come back when called.

This is the sort of photograph we can achieve on our location dog photography workshops.

Terms and conditions:

Dog photography by Havers accepts no liability for your dog as your dog will need to be under your control.

The cost of the day is £200.00 per person including a very good pub lunch. The workshop is limited to six places and will only go ahead if four people confirm, book and pay in full prior to the workshop taking place.

You can reserve your place with a £50.00 deposit with the balance due on or before the 19th April 2019. Only when the balance is paid in full is your place booked on the workshop

Please click here to book your place. If you have any questions then please call on 01530 242209 or fill in our contact form.