Dog Photographer Workshops

My dog photographer workshops are an absolute must for anyone who wants to photograph dogs. Why? Because my dog photographer workshops offer a variety of locations in which we shoot so I can offer workshops for everyone, no matter what your level of photography skills or experience. If you have a beginner level camera and shoot in auto or a professional level full frame camera and you shoot in manual mode I can make sure we all improve!

Capturing movement in the right light is the challenge for a good dog photographer for action shots, using the light to capture a perfect pawtrait (deliberate spelling), especially back lighting can create simply stunning images that you will be very proud of.

Composition makes a good photograph great and I will work with you to ensure you create something special in your dog photographer workshop. Our locations offer a huge variety of landscapes so you can create the perfect composition for you and the photograph you want to take.

Understanding your camera and lenses is essential to taking a good photograph and you will learn more about your camera and lenses during the workshop, including judging distance and speed so you can get the right settings on your camera to get that great shot you really want to take! You will also learn a great deal about auto focus and how to help your camera take better, sharper photographs more of the time.

My workshops last one day and we photograph dogs in a beautiful rural location with open fields and water so we will get goat photographs you will be proud of. 

 The price is £175.00 per person per day and the workshops take place near Markfield, Leicestershire.

The next workshop was Sunday 29th July 2018. This event has been cancelled due to a private commission booking. My apologies and I will post the date for the next workshop in due course.

The workshop will be a full day and the guide itinerary is as follows:

The morning will be spent working with you to make sure you are getting the best out of your camera and lenses and understanding your photographic knowledge, we will of course be working with our four legged models whilst we go through the essential preparation making sure you are fully ready for the afternoon activity which will start off with still and slow moving dogs so we have the time to build up your focussing skills, your panning skills and keeping the focus point where it needs to be, on the dogs eyes!

For the rest of the session we will simply speed up the dogs to make sure you are properly challenged and tested! We will of course stop at anytime to work with you on any questions you may have, it is a full on day!

In this workshop you will have the challenge of trying to photograph a greyhound cross lurcher running at full speed!

Places are restricted to six dog photographers per workshop, lunch is included but any accommodation you need is at your expense. I can recommend a range of nearby lodgings to suit. We will be working with a range of dogs of all shapes and sizes and colours so your use of exposure will be really tested and improved.

Please follow this link to pay your deposit or to pay in full.

If you are interested in finding out more about my dog photographer workshops please call on 01530 242209 or fill in the contact form if you prefer.

I am based in Markfield, Leicestershire and travel all over the UK.

 This action photograph of a dog was taken on a workshop.

This action photograph of a dog was taken on a workshop.