Commercial dog photography, the inclusion of dogs in advertising and marketing to enhance audience engagement and perception.

It is well proven that the inclusion of dogs in advertising increases engagement with the target audience.

Many well known names like Le Chameau, Vaillant boilers, We buy any, Mecca bingo, Dreams beds, are increasingly using dogs to enhance their marketing engagement.

You and your company can also benefit from using a similar strategy by using the right dog in the right image for your own advertising and marketing.

You will enjoy using our teams unique skill set as this means we can help you choose the right dog for you and your marketing needs from our dog model team, create for you the right setting and capture the expression that generates the desired emotional response in your audience to enhance engagement with your product, your individual campaign and your brand.

Your make your products as attractive as possible in your marketing images and your marketing material but your customer engagement could be further enhanced if your imagery contained more dogs. 

You would find this easy to do by using our team of dog actors and models from which you can choose whatever breed of dog you would like to show off your products, your services and your brand, we have Chihuahua’s to Great Danes for you to use in your images as this will show off your range of different size products to the whole dog owning audience, whatever breed or size of dog they have, they will more easily see their own dog using your products if they see a similar size and breed in your imagery.

We are based near Leicester and can produce images for you in a studio or location situation. All our dogs actors and models are pets first and we can even use their homes for your product photography so we can offer you the widest choice of situation to showcase your offering for the greatest audience engagement.

If you think these ideas will help you engage more with your audience and attract a wider audience, please get in touch.

As a professional dog behaviourist and a professional dog photographer Steven has the knowledge and experience to understand the dogs character so he can help you choose the right dog from our model team and he knows how to get the most out of the dog in front of the camera quickly and efficiently. This creates the expression and connection with your product that enhances your audience engagement, either in our fully equipped studio or on location and we can offer the use of stunning rural and urban locations.

Day Rates Guide:

Our rates start at £750.00 for a day for the photographer, the studio and the dog model or actor.

Day rate for a vet and a dog behaviourist to be present start at £250.00 each, these are legal requirements.

We can be flexible in our payment terms and spreading your payments into installments is an option, subject to terms and conditions which are supplied on request.

If you are interested in learning more about how our unique offering can elevate your audience experience, please fill in our contact form and we can meet up, have a coffee and discuss your ideas and I will share mine with you. From there you will see your ideas take shape and deliver the improvements in your marketing.

We produce images for use in your company advertising and marketing campaigns, this can include your flyers, brochures, catalogues, leaflets, point of sale, exhibition stands to engage and draw in your audience.

We produce images for use in your company calendars, promotional mugs, mouse mats and your other promotional give aways for your marketing purposes ensuring your images and your brand are consistently represented.

We produce images for your social media so you can keep your company social media channels full of truly engaging content. Everything starts with a chat, we are waiting to talk to you, please fill in our contact form and we will call you back.

Performing dog artists:

Meet some of our performing dog artists by following this link to our gallery:

The Dog Expression Collection:

Expression is essential to capture the viewer, these are examples of the different expressions we capture to enhance your message, campaign, advert and brand.

Please follow the link to view the gallery for each breed:


German shepherd



Border Collie