An introduction:

I established Dog Photography by Havers in 2014 because I love photography and I love dogs. I love bringing joy to you and people like you who truly value professional dog photography.

My team and I provide professional dog photography for discerning private clients in our studio, on location or at your home.

However you choose to work with me and my team ensure you will love the whole experience! We produce exquisite images and can deliver them to you in a wide variety of products from fine art style images printed large on superb quality paper to the finest albums and a range of different materials to suit your taste ensuring your photographs will add a stunning visual element to your home.

Dogs are my life, I have documented dogs and their owners for 5 years and my passion and enthusiasm shine through the photographs I create, I love what I do.

We all know there is a unique and very special bond between people and their dogs, this is more easily seen by an observer than by the owner and it often takes a different perspective for the owner to see what others see and to appreciate the joy that is their dog.

Dog Photography by Havers captures this perspective and lets you see the true connection between you and your dog in stunning, beautiful images.

We are talking to new clients for commissions in the summer months and if you would like to have a discussion, please call, email or send a message. We look forward to working with you and meeting your dog.